The fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset for workforce.

A mindset, can be simply described as the inclination one has and their attitudes towards their interpretation of situations and circumstances according to their beliefs and thoughts. An entrepreneurial mindset, is a specific set of beliefs and thoughts, mainly inclined towards how an entrepreneur would interpret situations and events around

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Economic Impact of Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Workplace.

Entrepreneurial thinking affects a number of aspects in the workplace. First, it promotes innovation that increases the growth of the economy. Entrepreneurs, often come up with new ideas and innovations to penetrate the market. In doing so, they bring about new innovations and technologies that promote the growth of the

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We Can Use Entrepreneurship To Solve Community Issues

Based on the turbulent times in which we live, everything is going wrong every moment. New problems are brought to light and the old ones just keep evolving. Even our well-thought out solutions are not working. Meanwhile, some of our communities are ridden with poverty and disease while others are

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