Harvard Business Review – 6 Leadership Paradoxes for the Post-Pandemic Era


Summary.   To succeed in the post-pandemic era, leaders need new skills and capabilities, leaders must be proficient across a wide set of paradoxical characteristics. Leaders must be strategic executors, balancing vision with execution. Second, they must be humble heroes, willing to make bold decisions while being great listeners and champions of inclusivity. Third, they must be tech-savvy humanists, adopting new technologies while understanding and caring for their people. Fourth, they must be traditioned innovators, preserving the mission and purpose of their companies while pushing innovation to the extreme. Fifth, they must be high-integrity politicians, willing to compromise, accrue support, and form coalitions while doing so with the utmost integrity. Finally, they must be globally-minded localists, expanding their reach while also looking for privileged insights into their own customers. VIEW ARTICLE ON HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW


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