Civil Unrest and the Covid Pandemic is impacting our already distressed communities of color, presenting us with new challenges and a new economy.

We are aiding the discovery of multiple pathways to financial independence and social freedom.

Community members who have been able to move to a stage of wealth building say it is because of:

* Opportunities for a solid education

* Learning how to invest

* Being able to purchase property

* The ability to participate in entrepreneurship (which is one of the leading employment factors in the US economy today)

The fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset for workforce.

A mindset, can be simply described as the inclination one has and their attitudes towards their interpretation of situations and circumstances according to their beliefs and thoughts. An entrepreneurial mindset, is a specific set of beliefs and thoughts, mainly inclined towards how an entrepreneur would interpret situations and events around

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The Future of Learning

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Join the (M)inority (O)wned (B)usinesses Directory


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Yes, You Can Raise Creative Children Through Entrepreneurship

Most motivational talks and books on entrepreneurship and similar topics are addressed to adults so if you have a child under your care or mentorship it is your duty to teach them what you know. That is not difficult considering how they so easily practice monkey see monkey do. You

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Entrepreneurship offers a change of perspective and approach to how the world works.

Entrepreneurship is generally defined as the act of creating, building, and scaling a business to produce a profit. It involves the willingness and capacity to organize, manage and take on a company’s risks. A capacity for innovation, investment, and value extraction comes with it. It is the best thing to

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We Can Use Entrepreneurship To Solve Community Issues

Based on the turbulent times in which we live, everything is going wrong every moment. New problems are brought to light and the old ones just keep evolving. Even our well-thought out solutions are not working. Meanwhile, some of our communities are ridden with poverty and disease while others are

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The world has changed in a way that requires everyone to THINK like an entrepreneur.

Participants will develop entrepreneurial skills that will help them approach changing environments to live effective and successful lives.

An educational program offered by PNA | K2BW that engages participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset, based on the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program developed by the Kauffman Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative.


Many who have been able to move to a stage of wealth building say it is because of opportunities for a solid education, learning how to invest, and being able to purchase property

A living-wage income is a first and extremely important step to building wealth. But it cannot be the endgame when thinking about building inter-generational wealth. To advance economic equity, we must move beyond focusing on poverty reduction and living-wage job opportunities to focusing on wealth creation. *


Many of our country’s lowest-income workers turn to self-employment as a means of creating a job or supplementing a low-wage job. Entrepreneurship can be a pathway out of poverty, but many entrepreneurs are in need of  support.


Overall, African American households are less likely to own a business than white households, and if they do, the business is, on average, eight times less valuable than a white owned business. One cause of this disparity is lack of access to capital and not having the relevant knowledge or mentor-ship as primary barriers to starting a business. **


Competing with white-owned business where access to capital is readily available and often secured by property, leads to a dead end cycle when property ownership is out of reach.


  • Voices Rising: African American Economic Security in King County

** Wiedrich, Kasey, Sims, Jr, Lebaron, Weisman, Holden, Rice, Solana and Brooks, Jennifer (2016). The Steep Climb to Economic Opportunity for  Vulnerable Families. Retrieved from

We are a resource for information and education, by providing courses, tools and/or referrals. Thereby, equipping individuals to reassert their power to achieve effectual solutions and results in dynamic situations.

The PNA  creates a nurturing environment for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Business Owners dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth. Power Networking Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Charitable organization, EIN 84-3901371. Donations are tax-deductible.  LEARN MORE



The purpose of  the Let’s Get It  initiative is designed teach business owners and entrepreneurs the steps they need to take to build a profitable business of their own.  We provide these tools using educational programs, seminars, workshops, live events and technology based systems.

Our Flagship Event is the  K2BW  Series. The purpose of  the K2BW initiative is to educate and empower our communities by providing key and valuable tools necessary and  needed to build personal wealth,  generational wealth,  and community wealth. We provide these tools using educational programs, seminars, workshops, live events and technology based systems. LEARN MORE

The K2BW Youth and Family  initiative is designed to teach age appropriate financial intelligence along with providing the tools necessary and key resources to navigate the economic ladder.  We provide these tools using educational programs, seminars, workshops, live events and technology based systems.








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