Success Mindset Initiative

We need entrepreneurial thinkers at all levels of society.

The Success Mindset is an educational program offered that engages participants in the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking.

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The Success Mindset Initiative is a program that engages participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset based on the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program Developed by the Kauffman Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative.

PNA | K2BW is headquartered in Washington State and we are driven by the undeniable and unanswered need to engage participants in the fundamental aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset.


Success Mindset is an experiential, problem-based learning program designed to empower participants by exposing them to entrepreneurial thinking.  By immersing learners in real-world entrepreneurial experiences, this will enable them to develop creativity and critical thinking, effective problem solving, teamwork, and other entrepreneurial skills – skills that will enable the participants to succeed regardless of their chosen path.

It’s broad application aims to produce inspired students, employable graduates, engaged citizens, successful small business owners, and fulfilled professional individuals.

It is of great importance to know that in today’s highly dynamic, interconnected world, the need for entrepreneurial thinkers at all levels of society has never been greater.

Policymakers from the White House to the World Economic Forum recognize entrepreneurial thinking as an essential life skill for anyone to thrive in the 21st Century. This  program is aimed at  preparing students to become workforce-ready graduates or next-generation innovators.

By elevating an entrepreneurial thinking-ability of the existing workforce, and the post incarcerated individuals that are re-entering society, we are positioning them to meet the standards of the highly demanding and ever changing society.

Success Mindset exposes opportunities, ignites ambition, and fosters the attitudes and skills that can empower anyone to succeed in any area of life.

It is generally agreed that the entrepreneur is the prime driver of economic progress. It is also accepted that institutions are an economic agent that operates in the political, legal and cultural spaces, that directly influence entrepreneurial activity and hence economic development.

Indeed, capital and output growth in an economy depends significantly on the entrepreneur. The quality of performance of the entrepreneur as a factor of production determines whether capital would grow rapidly or slowly and whether the growth involves innovation where new products and production techniques are developed.

The difference in economic growth rates of countries of the world is largely due to the quality of entrepreneurs in those countries. Therefore it is  considered a necessity, that the society invests greatly in the growth and development of the entrepreneur, it  is undeniably a major determinant of Economic Growth and Development. It is as a result of the foregoing that The PNA | K2BW Success Mindset Initiative a community of entrepreneurial thinkers has been created.

As an organization, not only do we believe in bringing affordable and quality courses to the public, but for each mindset course that is purchased by the general public, we will also as an organization donate courses to people in need through our partnerships with Community Based Organizations and Foundational Living Programs

While we have an undying desire to enrich people with  the entrepreneurial mindset, as an organization, we are being faced with financial impediments, which will affect our aims and objectives as an organization. For this initiative to come to fruition, we have deemed it fit to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to  ensure that  participants  are empowered with the entrepreneurial mindset and are furnished with enough resources to provide them the tools to help them fulfill their heart desires to succeed in any area of life.

Your generous donations and purchase of our online course will help someone get access to learning. Together, we will provide new skills to the under-served community. 

Your donations will help us an organization to run continuous course development and research, delivery of courses either self-directed or instructor lead, online, in person or blended delivery.

PNA | K2BW’s dream of immersing our participants in entrepreneurial experiences that will enable them to develop creativity and critical thinking, effective problem solving, teamwork, and other entrepreneurial skills, will not be a milestone without you believing, supporting, and donating.

Partner with us and together we can prepare people to thrive in the 21st Century.



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