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Food sovereignty is our major focus engaging participants, in personal development, wellness, and environment management.Through horticulture, including container gardening adaptable to limited spaces and vertical gardening for urban environments, we empower individuals to grow their own food and achieve self-sufficiency.Additionally, we provide education in food preparation and nutrition to promote healthy eating habits and overall well-being.

Garden 2 Table empowers low-income, unhoused, reentry, and BIPOC communities through urban gardening. Our project promotes food sovereignty, food security, personal development, wellness, environmental management, and economic growth, with a focus on the BIPOC community.

By implementing strategies like utilizing land space with our partner the R.I.S.E. Center Tiny Home foundational living communities, providing jobs, filling the gap and eliminate disparities of access to healthy, culturally appropriate food, as well as supporting direct food distribution programs. We engage participants in gardening, nutrition education, and entrepreneurship.

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We emphasize cultural importance and challenge misconceptions about fresh produce. Our project benefits individuals by increasing food production knowledge, self-sufficiency, and overall well-being. We contribute to community revitalization, sustainability, and equitable access to nutritious food. Partnerships with local organizations, and collaboration with volunteers, master gardeners, and interns creates a supportive community valuing diversity and healthy living. Short-term goals include improving food knowledge and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. In the medium term, we aim to develop healthy practices for families, leading to improved long-term health outcomes in the BIPOC community

Educational Activities for Participants are:

    • Planting and maintaining a vegetable and fruit garden.
    • Preparation of fresh fruit and vegetables.
    • Healthy eating and physical activity practices following the food guide pyramid.
    • Engagement of physical activity through gardening.
    • Development and implementation of entrepreneurship skills.
    • Embrace the cultural importance of a positive mindset in adopting healthy eating habits, particularly regarding fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Recognize the significance of fruits and vegetables, understanding their traditional health benefits and culinary practices.
    • Challenge and transform any misconceptions or negative beliefs about fresh produce.
    • Cultivate a growth mindset by exploring culturally diverse varieties of fruits and vegetables and experimenting with
    • traditional cooking techniques and flavors.
    • Practice mindful eating, savoring the sensory experience of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Set achievable goals to gradually increase the inclusion of  fruits and vegetables in your meals.
    • Connect with a supportive community that values cultural diversity and can provide encouragement and support on your journey towards a fruit and vegetable-rich diet.

Participants expand their knowledge of nutrition and learn simple cooking techniques for healthy living based on delicious African Heritage food traditions. A Taste of African Heritage is now an evidence-based intervention in the SNAP-Ed Toolkit

Our Partner:

The R.I.S.E. CenterThe R.I.S.E. Center (Restoring and Igniting Self-Empowerment) in Community

A holistic, innovative and comprehensive service organization focusing on ending homelessness by addressing the underlying causes of homelessness in the Central Tacoma, WA area. The RI.S.E. Center helps people build pride in their communities through job creation, developing self-awareness and self-evaluation of personal strengths and assets to build upon as well as habits and tendencies that may be self-destructive.  To address homelessness on a comprehensive and holistic level, our organization is excited to build our homeless intervention program by acquiring a residential property for homeless individuals and families for a foundational living program.



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