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Photos Of Tyrese’s Wife Samantha Lee Schwalenberg

More photos have been released of Tyrese’s super secret black queen. As previously reported Tyrese was PISSED when people doubted the ethnicity of the lovely lady he married on Valentine’s Day.

Following that details about his wife, now identified as Samantha Lee Schwalenberg, were released.


Sources close to Black Ty told TMZ that six-figure making Samantha’s far from a gold digger, and has a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia.

She reportedly provides counseling for inmates and also handled cases for the Division of Family and Children Services in GA.


The couple met through mutual friends and she’s of Ecuadorian, Jamaican and African-American descent.

Now new pictures of Samantha have hit the net—but they don’t come without controversy.


A new story is out that flat-out accuses Tyrese of lying about Samantha’s real race—which would be very, very odd considering that he decided to point out that she’s a “black queen.”


Hit the flip.



The folks over at StraightFromTheA believe that Samantha’s not Black & Ecuadorian; she considers herself Latin American and once competed in a Miss Latin pageant at her college.

Wait, what?!

I personally could care less about who Tyrese chose to marry but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Tyrese’s press release neglected to mention that his wife’s name is actually Samantha Schwalenberg and she actually refers to herself as Latin American.


The newly married Mrs. Gibson attended the University of Georgia, and once even competed in the Miss Latin UGA pageant in 2011.
Before the wedding, Mrs. Gibson previously resided in Athens, Georgia.

As for her racial heritage, her mother is reportedly hispanic, while her father is caucasian.

What do YOU think about the latest page in the “Tyrese wife scandal”???


Isn’t it time to stop the witch hunt over this lady’s ethnicity???

More photos of Samantha on the flip.




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