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Keily William Reveals She Had Sex With 3/4th of B2K

We “promith” you’re gonna want to see what Kiely Williams had to say…

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The former 3LW member recently revealed to Reality TV king  Carlos King that she had an “entanglement” with Raz B, Lil’ Fizz and J Boog – and by entanglement she means foursome. She says this was during her “hoe days” and carries no shame about the encounter.

On the “Reality With The King” podcast, Kiely discussed shade from former 3LW members, if she would return for another season of The Encore, and the future of the girl group, BluePrint.

It wasn’t until the end of the hour-long interview that some B2K tea spilled onto the tablecloth. King stated they were going to end the show by playing a game called “The Rumor Mill” and subsequently asked,

“Did you ever date Raz B from B2K?”

Williams darted her eyes to the left then replied,

“Date is a loose word. I wouldn’t give that…I wouldn’t give that definition.”

The Kingdom Reign Entertainment CEO grinned from sideburn to sideburn as she continued,

“I said entanglement. With all of them except Omari.”

Apparently, the lead singer of the group Usher glided out of that situation.

Laughter engulfed Carlos  King as he inquired,

“Was it at the same time?”

Kiely who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being in the most girl groups responded,

“I can admit it. Everybody has their h*e days! Let them have them! We can look back on them days when we’re older and be like, ‘Yeahhh. I was out there thot, thot, thottin!”

“We can look back on them days when we are older and be like yeeeeah, I was out there thot, thot, thottin’.”

The reality show producer made a second attempt to clarify if she had separate encounters with the millennial heartthrobs or if they were rolling in the sheets simultaneously,

“So, Kiely, Fizz, J Boog, Raz B at the same damn time?”

The “Playas Gon’ Play” singer revealed it was “only one time” and she didn’t mind divulging this information because the encounter was so long ago. Williams did admit that she was young and labeled the experience as a “mistake” even though it seemed there was no lingering guilt.


In the 2000s, B2K and 3LW were at the peak of their careers – the hottest urban girl group and boy band. The members were attractive and attended many of the same events so it isn’t a major shocker that the singers intermingled. Kiely also made note of how “cute” the B2L members were at that time. King agreed. They were definitely all of the thirty-somethings childhood crushes back in the day.

After the admission, Williams expressed the public would probably now refer to her as a “slut” but baby girl was young, rich, famous, and experimenting. If the guys can do it and not be dragged for it, why can’t she?

Kiely took to Twitter to spill one more spot of tea…


and Twitter of course weighed on.

She went on to clarify that her sexcapade wasn’t a “train” but more like an orgy.

“Honorable mention to the other girls who were there. I will keep your secrets until I don’t feel like it anymore. #thottales”


Should Kiely be criticized for her sexcapades before she got married and had children or should she be able to live in her truth without being forced to wear a Scarlet A for the rest of her life?


What are your thoughts?




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