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What is the PNA?

Whether your goal is climbing the corporate ladder, signing a new client, promoting your favorite charity or advancing a grassroots cause, the Power Networking Alliance (PNA) can help you succeed.

Believing strongly in the need for personal human connection, the PNA  networking events draw industry and commerce elite interested in seeing old friends, meeting new ones and networking with potential business partners and investors.

The PNA is dedicated to facilitate relationships between people who contribute to the world of industry and commerce technically, artistically and socially. Our focus is to provide unique business and personal development through networking and education.

The more people you meet and develop relationships with, the more business you will develop through leads and referrals.

 About Our Networking Events No matter where your business is in its life cycle – start-up, emerging, or profitable enterprise, it needs exposure in order to grow or sustain itself.

The benefits of PNA participation includes access to the top business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs, events and services in the city. Partake in an advantageous marketing and community development opportunity through PNA series of networking events that promote professional development and business exchange.

PNA Networking attracts an average of 50-200 attendees, and feature a keynote speaker and member spotlights. Our goal is to keep our participants, sponsors, supporters ahead of the business trends. You’re in touch!

From business to community, from government to non-profit, the people you need to get to, and those that need to get to you, can be accessed by attending our PNA Networking series. The PNA Networking events are a way to meet the people that can help move your idea or business forward. People come together to meet, talk and share ideas. These are presentations from business and community leaders who come with information that you can use.

Our Key Strategies Include:

  • Focus our events on learning from each other, supporting each other (personally and professionally), & getting to know each other.

  • Useful information about succeeding in the marketplace

  • Enlightening programs, events and communications

  • Friendships that can last a lifetime

An Evening with PNA – These networking events draw industry and commerce elite interested in seeing old friends, meeting new ones and networking with potential business partners and investors. These private invitation-only events include a rich cross-section of people including creative, technical, management, analysts, investors and entrepreneurs from both start-ups and established firms. In contrast to the slick, high-tech feel of the new economy, An Evening with PNA events are typically held in more classic, traditional settings to evoke the charm of old-world style and elegance. The resulting ambiance creates an environment conducive to conversations and meaningful encounters, in contrast with many noisy club-night extravaganzas.

Power Breakfast and Power Lunch Series These events are uniquely different from other seminars or panel discussions. Like an interactive theater, we will bring the panelists down from the stage and seat them at round tables with the audience. By structuring the session this way, each attendee will leave with a guaranteed higher-level experience of conversation and networking. The Power Breakfast and Lunch Series are open to Non Members.

Our Flagship Event

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